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Facing Premature Fatherhood: What Teen Dads Need to Know

Premature fatherhood is a significant life event that can come as a surprise, bringing with it a host of emotions and responsibilities. What happens to the boy or man responsible for a pregnancy? They may be aware or not, depending on the mother’s choice. The birth father has played a key role in the formation of this small human being, whether ignorantly or intentionally, and so he will be present in your life physically or consciously.

Facing the Reality of Unplanned Fatherhood

To the boy or man who has impregnated a girl: perhaps this is what you wanted, to be called a father (although I doubt this is the case for a teenager), or maybe you were experimenting. Regardless of the reason, the results are here, and they cannot be undone. If you find out that you have impregnated a girl, several thoughts may race through your mind. You may feel scared, uncertain, or even joyful. You may also have doubts about being the father. Even if you are certain, you may not know where to start if fatherhood was not on your agenda. It’s important to remember that the girl is likely experiencing similar fears and questions as well.

Take Responsibility and Make a Plan

Calm down and come up with a strategy, but don’t be selfish. The lives of two others depend on your decision.

If you’re a teenager facing this issue, please don’t panic. It’s important to seek help and guidance from someone you trust. However, I’d suggest you avoid asking your peers for advice, as their knowledge may be limited, just like yours. Instead, try talking to your parents or guardians first. If you’re not comfortable discussing it with them, consider talking to your priest, pastor, or an elder sibling, or a responsible older man your father’s age. But let them know where you stand. Remember, you’re never alone, and seeking help is a brave and responsible decision.

Treat the Mother with Respect

One thing to remember, though, is that you should not mistreat them by hiding from them, calling them names, or creating a hostile environment. If you cannot provide support, it’s better to leave them in a safe space, both mentally and psychologically. Let them know that you will do what you can to help, even if you cannot be a part of their life. It’s important to be kind and offer assistance where possible.

Making the Right Choices

Life is a journey filled with choices that we make each day. It’s crucial to strive toward making the right decisions because the future is unpredictable. There are certain things in life that we must never give up on, regardless of how difficult they may seem. Embracing a child is a blessing, even if it is unplanned. Only God knows why certain things happen the way they do. Our society is a testament to this fact, as it is full of stories about people who have faced difficulties and were able to enrich their lives by embracing them.

Finding Faith in Difficult Times

When life’s problems seem overwhelming, it can be hard to find a way forward. But always remember that with faith, God is just a prayer away.

Hey, I’m Angeline, your RN and founder of Finally Am Found. With a heart for mentorship, I’ve been guiding teens and young adults since 2017. As a Registered Nurse, I blend medical expertise with personal experiences to create a Christ-aligned space for self-discovery. Connect with Angeline on Facebook and let the journey to self-discovery begin!

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