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Life’s Twists: Finding Happiness, Wholesomeness, and Productivity

Hey there! Life presents us with an array of challenges and triumphs, shaping the individuals we become. For some, the path may be filled with hurdles that test resilience and strength. Let’s dive into the ups and downs of life and explore how we can find happiness, wholesomeness, and productivity. In our previous article, we talked about believing in Christ and growing up, but now, let’s get real about challenges, triumphs, and the journey to feeling whole, happy, and productive.

Quick Recap

Growing Up in a Big Family

I’m the second of six kids, and things were kind of busy. We were treated equally, and sometimes we had helpers around. Grandma (may she rest in peace) was often there too. Family vibes were important.

When Mom Became a Full-Time Housewife

Mom and Dad both had 8-to-5 jobs, but things changed when Mom became a full-time housewife and farmer. They worked hard to provide us with the basics and ensure we went to church. While they were responsible for our needs and church attendance, I hardly recall moments of them openly expressing love. I never heard them say “I/we love you” at any time. Consequently, there wasn’t that loving bond where we felt comfortable opening up to them. I believe their love language was providing for us and ensuring we weren’t sent home for school fees. They may not have known better, but they did everything in their power. Note If you understand this, you will stop judging your parents and guardians.

The Quiet Kid Vibe

Growing up, I was a bit introverted. I enjoyed hanging out with my siblings, cousins, and classmates but wasn’t big on making friends. Shyness was a thing, and people labeled me as having “shy eyes.” Not my favorite label, to be honest.

Facing Challenges – Inside and Out

Growing up, I had really bad eczema, and sometimes I wasn’t allowed to play, especially when my skin was all broken. As a result, I would only watch my classmates play. I was also the thinnest in our family, and I remember relatives joking and saying that maybe I had swallowed a piece of nylon paper that blocked my digestive system. It’s hard to believe, but those comments made me feel vulnerable.

Silent Struggles

I used to hide when visitors came over, and I even got my longest beautiful hair chopped off at school because a teacher thought it affected my thinking. Yeah, weird, right?

At eleven years old, a home manager took advantage of my trust, whom my mom trusted very much as we shared a bed with her. This was my worst encounter, which I never disclosed to anyone.

I would advise anyone going through this or who went through this to try their best and look for a confidant, like a loving teacher, to help you out of this and avoid the clutter spoiling your emotions and causing instability in life. For me it was tough, and I never talked about it.


Undoing the Damage

I underwent intense psychological counseling to undo the damage and a lot of self-work. Facing personal challenges head-on is a crucial step in the journey to self-discovery and well-being. Sometimes, seeking professional guidance and putting in the effort to understand and heal ourselves can make a significant difference.

The Power of Change

Making Happiness Happen

Growing into happiness means accepting who you are and creating a safe space to share your feelings. Parents, guardians, and relatives can help by understanding and supporting you. It’s all about reversing the effects of vulnerability.

Teens and Parents

Teen parents, listen up! Embrace the challenge, protect your child from the tough stuff, and as you grow, you’ll be proud of the shield you provided during those rocky years.

Be You, Proudly

Being yourself is the first step to wholesomeness and happiness. Break free from labels, stay positive, and keep discovering who you are.

The Road to Being Productive

Finding Your Thing – Wholesomeness

As you step into young adulthood, put your energy into things that matter to you. Whether it’s school, hobbies, or helping out in your community, find what makes you tick.

Crushing Goals, Bit by Bit

Being productive is about setting doable goals. Break them down into small tasks, celebrate the small wins, and keep pushing forward. Success is a journey, not a sprint.

It’s a Lifelong Adventure

The journey to happiness and productivity is ongoing. Embrace challenges because they’re chances to grow. Remember, you’re becoming a stronger version of yourself with every twist and turn.

Hey, I’m Angeline, your RN and founder of Finally Am Found. With a heart for mentorship, I’ve been guiding teens and young adults since 2017. As a Registered Nurse from the University of Nairobi, I blend medical expertise with personal experiences to create a Christ-aligned space for self-discovery. Connect with Angeline on Facebook and let the journey to self-discovery begin!

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